Step one: Just do it.

I’m currently writing this from the Hong Kong airport. I’ve been in transit for nearly 48 hours now, leaving me jet-lagged, tired and ready to lie down in a bed for some uninterrupted sleep on something other than a bench.

On a very positive note, many of my fears have already begun to subside and I haven’t even reached Bangkok yet.  Six months of simmering in all the anxiety of what-ifs, doubts, insecurity and every possible scenario really took a toll on my mental state. But now it almost feels like the panic has evaporated into thin air. I made that first step, and now there are no take-backs – leaving me ready to embrace each day as it comes. I look to the future with promise again, trusting this feeling to last and consume me as it once used to.

On one of my connecting flights, I sat next to an inspirational man. We spoke of fears, the ego, music and our personal journeys. Before the flight ended, he relayed 3 pieces of advice that he had once received –

  • Fear no one
  • Develop a good bullshit detector
  • Be tender

He threw in one more piece of his personal advice for me: read one book at a time (it is a bad habit of mine to read 4-5 books at once, causing me never to finish any of them). I suppose this tip would transfer profitably into other areas of my life, as well.  I really enjoyed learning from his journey and outlook on life. He is the first of many that I will encounter and gain insight from, the perfect introduction to this year of self-development and new experiences. I continuously remind myself to approach others with an open mind and objective point of view; that is the only way any of us can ever learn from one another’s stories… and the only way I can walk away feeling like I’ve accomplished anything at all.

Moving on, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of what I saw while flying over the Arctic Circle.

arctic circle 1arctic circle 2

What a view. I was glued to the window for that entire duration of the flight. It was spectacular.

Now back to people watching. There’s no better place for observing humans than an international airport.


7 thoughts on “Step one: Just do it.

      1. Hey Ashley – I’m checking in. Hope all is well on your recent journey’s. Great stuff here.. you’re a word crafting genius! Love how you write. Keep em’ coming. 1 book @ a time. Peace.


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